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Men’s Health Week

13-19 June 2022 One in five men will die before they reach retirement age, often from preventable causes. Men’s Health Week 2022 is encouraging people to do something about that, with the theme Time for your MOT. Led by the Men’s Health Forum, the purpose of the annual Men’s Health week is to raise awareness…

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Webinar: Stress – The power of workplace wellbeing

In April 2022, we took the time to talk about workplace stress and acknowledging priorities to support you achieve workplace wellbeing for businesses and employees. Causes of stress are varied and different for everyone, and so are our expertise and recommendations as well as recognising that improved. Staff wellbeing is hugely important for your workforces…

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Mental Health Awareness Week

**50% off our mental wellbeing services for this week only, 9th – 15th May 2022** CPD Accredited Courses Wellbeing workshops and seminars The Mental Health Foundation announces ‘loneliness’ as this year’s theme, 9th-15th May. Mental Health Awareness week aims to raise awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental wellbeing and the practical steps…

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Understanding stress and using positive Wellbeing strategies

With April marking the start of Stress Awareness Month, it’s vital we know and understand leading causes and coping strategies when we are struggling with the challenges of a stress epidemic. Since 1992, April Stress Awareness Month is also a chance to raise awareness of the need to seek support, understand how stress manifests, and…

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Getting fit is about finding exercise that you enjoy

Motivation is a limited resource. We can’t rely on motivation alone to get us fit, because after a few weeks, maybe if you’re strong willed a few months. But eventually motivation runs out.