Workplace Health Checks

You can improve overall workplace wellbeing, by empowering personal change.

Prevention is key. Our health checks are a great method to help your employees become more aware of their health and how to manage it. At OneWellness, we offer two health screenings that are suitable to take place in the workplace and suitable around busy schedules with the more comprehensive health check only taking 20 minutes.

We offer a Healthy Heart Check and an Essential Health Check, all health checks include results breakdown and professional recommendations.

Healthy Heart Check

Appointment: 15 Minutes
Total Cholesterol
Blood Pressure
Resting Heart Rate
Blood Oxygen

Essential Health Check

Appointment: 20 minutes
Blood Glucose
Total Cholesterol
Blood Pressure
Resting heart Rate
Blood Oxygen
Waist to Hip Ratio

All results are confidential and provided to you via email during your appointment.  You have the opportunity to discuss your results with a health coach taking your assessment.

Further Questions:

If you need any further explanation or guidance on what each of our tests measure and the importance of these, please contact a member of team and we’d be happy to talk you through it step by step.

To find out how we can support your staff and take your Wellbeing Strategy to the next level, sign up for a FREE consultation and we can start your workplace wellbeing journey together.

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