Wellbeing Workshops & Seminars

To book your online seminar or training please contact OneWellness directly here or fill in a contact form here.

We deliver workshops and seminars on a variety of health topics, educating and empowering your teams.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality courses with relevant and current content that engages and inspires delegates to create positive and lasting change. The training programmes can be adapted to either a workshop or seminar format, in person or virtual, to meet the needs of your employees.

Tailored Workshops and Seminars

Delivering workshops allows us to tailor the information and message to suit the unique needs of your team, business and industry and enables live interaction and engagement. The workshops also provide an opportunity for your employees to ask questions and delve deeper into what they need to support their daily lives. Our wide range of expertise in both the fields of health and wellbeing means we can respond to almost all of your needs.

Our workshops are delivered by one of our OneWellness wellbeing team specialising in that wellbeing topic area.

Understanding Stress

Better Sleep

Healthy Eating

Financial Wellbeing

Understanding Menopause

Building Resilience

Improving Energy Levels

Understanding Diabetes

Weight Management

Back & Joint Care

Positive Psychology


Understanding CVD

Physical Activity

Women’s Health

Introducing Mental Health

Behaviour Health & Goal Setting

Gut Health

Active Aging

Men’s Health


Accredited Courses

Mental Health First Aid England

Wellbeing Champions Training

Managers Wellbeing Training

On Demand Workshops

Offering workshops pre-recorded is an excellent solution if your teams are shift workers or public facing and don’t easily take time away at the same time, or if you want to deliver a wellbeing solution quickly.

We have an ever increasing range of workshops available. Please get in touch for our most up to date list of wellbeing solutions.

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