CPD Accredited Courses

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OneWellness deliver a range of CPD accredited courses such as, Managers Wellbeing Training, Wellbeing Champions Training and Mental Health Awareness Training. The aim of these courses is to ensure your organisation has employees who can shape wellbeing in the workplace, confidently due to be educated and equipped through our training courses.

Managers Wellbeing Training

Managers Wellbeing Training is an accredited training course delivered to directors, managers and team leaders.

The aim of this course is to ensure Managers are prepared to support their teams wellbeing, encouraging positive conversations and when necessary making reasonable adjustments or signposting for support.

What our Managers Wellbeing Training covers:

  • Understanding mental health in the workplace
  • Impacts on the individual, team, business
  • Exploring and acknowledging triggers and signs
  • Skills in improving emotional intelligence, listening and facilitating conversation
  • Resources and support available within the organisation
  • Signposting for support
  • Areas to improve personal wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Training

This course ensured everyone has an awareness and understanding of Mental Health, rather than just ‘Mental Health First Aiders’. It’s the best way to improve your overall culture around the topic. This approach ensures that no matter who someone is talking to, that colleague has some skills and awareness to listen and signpost. We also include skills that someone can use for themselves in managing their own emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing Champions Training

We train up and inspire a team of Wellbeing Champions to act as health and wellbeing advocates within your business. The Champions will ensure your employees understand the important of wellbeing. That means your employees are more likely to engage in other wellbeing activities within the business, amplifying the reach and impact of our wellbeing programme.

Creating a team of Wellbeing Champions that work alongside your HR and leadership will ensure your Wellbeing Strategy has support and more sustainable impacts for the business.

What does this training cover?

Introduction to Wellbeing

Understanding stress and the impacts

Understanding mental health and mental illness

Identifying Signs and Symptoms

Facilitating the conversation

Signposting for support