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The future of work is wellbeing. OneWellness Corporate provide the most effective wellbeing services to achieve the results your employees and business need, backed by behavioural science.

We have a large, diverse network of wellbeing specialists, providing measurable data, insight and outcomes on wellbeing performance.

We work with corporate organisations and NHS service operators providing consultation, planning and delivery covering all parts of your wellbeing journey.

We help you replace wellbeing guesswork with insight so your wellbeing strategy is built around the needs of your people.

Our Approach

Revolutionise wellbeing at work

Our person-first method understands that employee wellbeing isn’t one size doesn’t fit all. We help you understand what’s working and what’s not, what areas of wellbeing are important to your people and utilise behaviour change principles to give your wellbeing activities the best chance of success. 

Our services

What we do

Measurement, Insight & Recommendation

Remove the guess work and improve your wellbeing strategy with insights that help target activities.

Employee Health & Wellbeing Education

Sharing 17years of health care, wellbeing and HR expertise through classes, workshops and training. Online and in person.

On-Demand Wellbeing

New ways of working require new ways of delivering wellbeing. We provide trusted wellbeing support through our new online channel, accessible whenever your team need it.

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Our health experts are passionate to help your people

We have all the expertise you need to deliver a successful wellbeing strategy that helps you improve health, retention, productivity and your other business goals.

Our team has broad expertise; with Specialist GP’s, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Health Psychologists and Wellbeing Professionals. When all these areas are combined, we can offer your people a unique opportunity to view their wellbeing holistically.

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Health and wellbeing
on demand

Our expert services are available live and on-demand too. Your teams can now access the very best health and wellbeing library, whenever they need it. Business membership to our platform is an affordable solution to wellbeing offering fitness, yoga, pilates, nutrition, relaxation, mental wellbeing and health information.