Digital Wellbeing

In the era of hybrid working, we now face digital challenges such as always-on working, video overload or remote isolation.

The key is for teams to embed healthy digital behaviours. Alex helps workplaces to enhance wellbeing, performance and human connection, by creating a healthy digital culture. 

Live sessions. Deliver stand-alone or as a four-part series

Who is this for?

Business teams or cohorts of employees who need deep-dives into discrete areas to build their digital culture.

What is the experience?

Workshops: small groups for maximum impact. Facilitated with engagement, breakout rooms, reflection and creativity to deliver personalised solutions
and impacts.

Typically 90-120 minutes

Key-Note Talks: Not your typical webinar! Our live and interactive key-note talks use online tools to enable teams to share insights, agin insight into collective experiences and champion active discussion.

What are the outcomes?

Be inspired by the impact of individual digital habits and team digital norms on human productivity, connection & wellbeing.

Gain practical advice to embed healthier digital habits to hatter achieve the things which matter and enhance wellbeing in a digital age.

Thriving in a Digital Age

  • Know the value of our attention in creating meaning
  • See how digital habits impact our day and how we can start meaningful change
  • Use the four steps of digital habit change to improve focus, sleep & connection
  • Leave with tools to apply to your own digital habits

Digital Productivity

  • Uncover the real impact of digital distraction on our focus, creativity, strategic thought & execution
  • Gain practical advice on reducing digital distractions and video exhaustion
  • Develop a plan to advice you back more time in your day and achieve our goals with greater ease

Digital Wellbeing & Balance

  • Know the impact of an ‘always-on’ culture on mental and physical wellbeing
  • Dismantle the maths which fuel always on working
  • Gain practical steps for healthy boundaries between digital work and real rest
  • See how teams can support each other with small steps towards a balanced and energised working day

Virtual Connection & Communication

  • Understand the value of creating effective human connection over virtual platforms. without adding to digital overload
  • Gain practical ideas to deepen virtual connection
  • Discover the 7 steps to make remote meetings more effective and shorter!
  • Gain an introduction to enhancing efficiency with asynchronous working

Mindfulness for a Digital World

  • Explore the science and benefits of mindfulness in daily life
  • Gain an experience of different guided meditations and continue practice at home with audio tracks
  • Develop practical ways to embed mindfulness into work and everyday life

Social Media & Mental Health

  • Know it is not WHETHER but HOW we use social media which impacts mental health
  • Explore the impact of passive scrolling, social comparisons time spent & FOMO
  • Be inspired, with insight and intention that you can create Social Media Your Way
  • Develop a plan to take control of your newsfeeds, create intentional habits and develop Social Media Your Way