Our Team

Our experts are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your teams.

We can offer your people a unique opportunity to view their wellbeing holistically. We have expertise in general health, physical wellbeing and fitness, nutrition, mental and emotional health.

Alasdair Everest-Ford

Head of OneWellness

OneWellness exists to help individuals, employees and communities to live their healthier lives. It is no surprise that a happy and healthy workforce will deliver better work, resulting in a better functioning business. Being part of OneMedical Group, OneWellness are perfectly positioned to deliver corporate wellbeing through our team of talented subject matter experts. We will help you identify the pebbles in your employees shoes and support you to deliver wellbeing targeted at where it is needed to achieve better business performance.

Dr Gwyn Elias

Mental Health Specialist, Director of Medicine.

Even on the best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focussed and doing our best work. Too much of it can lead to burnout, disengagement, more sick days and strained relationships in the workplace.

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical for businesses and Human Resources leaders to address the mental wellbeing of their teams. A relevant wellbeing strategy and focussed interventions can boost the wellbeing and performance of your teams, dramatically improving your business outcomes.

Sally-Ann Lewis

Wellbeing Development Manager

Movement is essential for my physical and mental wellbeing and is a daily part of my life. I am tuned into listening to what my body needs each day and align exercise to my energy levels and choose movement I enjoy including yoga, Pilates, dog walking and HIIT. I am motivated to exercise alone and also enjoy running with friends, virtual workouts and long walks enjoying season change.

Vicky Fytche

Wellbeing Delivery Manager

I’m Wellbeing Delivery Manager with OneWellness. For me, it’s important to have good and health and wellbeing so we can perform at our optimum everyday, but ensure we have something ‘left in the tank’ for our personal lives. I strive to support individuals on their wellbeing journey to enhance both health and happiness.

Dr Angela Goyal Headshot

Dr Angela Goyal

Lifestyle GP

Our approach in Lifestyle Medicine is to look at a persons whole life to understand what could be contributing to ill health.

Taking this approach into your teams will help you uncover opportunities for change and growth not only for health, but to improve productivity and culture.

Alex La Via

Digital Wellness Coach + Mindfulness Stress Reduction Teacher

In the era of hybrid working, we now face digital challenges such as always-on working, video overload or remote isolation. The key is for teams to embed healthy digital behaviours. Alex helps workplaces to enhance wellbeing, performance and human connection, by creating a healthy digital culture. As a digital wellbeing consultant, Alex draws on her experience of working in FTSE100 organisations and academic research with the University of Aberdeen on the impact of technology on wellbeing.

Kristen Weed

Physiotherapist, Yoga + Pilates Teacher

MSK issues were the second most common reason for work absence in 2020. With home working leading to makeshift desks and the pandemic being a stressful time, we are likely to see an increase in back, neck and shoulder pain.

Empowering people with how they look after their bodies through the working day is important in avoiding future ill health.

Eleanor Coales

Registered Nutritionist

This past year has seen health move up most people’s agendas. In fact, a recent survey by REBA concluded that poor employee health is a business risk.

Given the fundamental role good eating habits play in all areas of health and performance, offering your teams support around their relationship with food will pay dividends.

Dr Rahul Lakhera headshot

Dr Rahul Lakhera

GP, MSK Specialist

The answer to many common health conditions is often simple lifestyle changes, but we see in clinic that people need that support from a GP or nurse to know this is what they should do.

Our health professionals can provide that reassurance to your teams, removing a stress from their day, which during these times is a welcome relief.

Megan brooks PT headshot

Megan Brooks

Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal and Movement Coach

Being able to spend time with colleagues doing things other than work, such as sports and fitness, improves relationships and overall culture.

We provide live classes in person and online, in a variety of topics and styles.